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224 PC LOT

MSRP : $395 per Piece
Lot Quantity : 224
Our Price : $9 per Piece
$2,688.00 $2,016.00

Includes many different styles of Koza Bags

150 PC LOT

MSRP : $14.95 per Piece
Lot Quantity : 150
Our Price : $.75 per Piece
$185.00 $112.50

As seen on this website:

3 Color, practical, every day, multi-propose bags with just a touch of glamour to brighten your day. These bags can be accessorized with any outfit or can be used for the beach or spa. It has a beautiful rhinestone elegant button with a matching rhinestone wristlet. The inside is made with white water-resistant fabric to protect wet or damp products from dry items.

Product Details: 

  •  3 Colors (Black [50 pcs], Red [50 pcs], White [50 pcs])
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Rhinestone button
  • Rhinestone wrist let
  • Perfect for carrying I.D., credit cards, sunscreen, lip balm, spa items, and swimsuits.
  • UPC: No UPC Available