Quick Fat Burning Tummy Trimmer – Ab Exerciser – 136 PC LOT


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Black Handles / Black Spring

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Quick Fat Burning Tummy Trimmer – Ab Exerciser

Elastic and Non-slip
Highly elastic spring with widened contour pedals and pull-ups and high-density non-slip PU handles make it perfect for your hands and feet.
This resistance training tool exercises your arms, abdomen, shoulders, legs and hips. It can not only lose weight through the button belly, but also shape your body.
The abdominal exerciser features portable, lightweight and easy to store, so it can be used anywhere, at home and in the office.
Different exercise way
Suitable for abdominal, arm and chest exercise, it can be use when you are standing or sitting. Different ways of using it.
The product is suitable for sports training, yoga, fitness classes, physical exercise and recovery after injury.

Type: Abdominal Exerciser
Quantity: 1PC
Material: Spring steel
Color: Purple / Black
Size: 32*25cm/12.58*9.83inch

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