Starpath Dolls Plush Swan Doll - 96 PC LOT

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Product Features:

  • Plush swan toy for children age 3 and up
  • Is a featured character in theStarpath Dolls series"A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong"
  • Measures 6"" long, features a bean-filled underside, furry wings, and a purple ribbon
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  • Unit Weight -5.2 oz
  • Unit Size - 6"" x 3"" x 2""
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Product in Stock: 1 Lot of 96 Pcs

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Product Details

We have all wanted to live our own fairy tales, to follow the course of a great adventure. Under this premise, Anita Winsor creates Starpath Dolls, a magical world full of dolls that will help you write your own story.

Starpath Dolls has different dolls with which you can live your adventures and capture them in your own book. Each doll is unique and you can personalize them. You can choose between two stories "A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong" or "Tiger Magic", and as you answer a series of questions your own story is written.

But you can't forget your partner of adventures. In each story, the protagonists always have a faithful companion. Today we present the Swan of "A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong". This beautiful white swan is perfect for hugging and will be your loyal companion in every adventure. As glamorous as you, the swan comes with a beautiful purple ribbon around its neck.

This swan is perfect to complete your collection and write a great fairy tale, full of adventures, games and friendship. Along with your swan, personalize the story "A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong" and live your own adventure with a faithful friend.

This plush swan toy is featured in the Starpath Dolls series "A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong".  The Swan is a feature character in the story.   Measures 6" long, features a bean-filled underside, furry wings, and a purple ribbon around its neck.  Recommended for children age 3 and up.

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