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All goods are on hand at our South Florida Location and are available for inspection.

Topper Liquidators offers below-wholesale merchandise to the public and small to large businesses. As you will see, when buying one or two items from us, we have the lowest prices available to the public, period. If you are interested in buying in bulk, we offer quantity discounts! No Minimum Orders! As a liquidator to the public we offer the rare oppurtunity to purchase discounted legitimate merchandise in both small and bulk lots. We also offer a shipping option for everyone. Learn about shipping prices.

Contact us for more details on bulk orders!

We are one of the very few companies that offer merchandise liquidations and closeouts in lots both large and small. Buy with the same power as large corporations around the world! Also, if you have a State of Florida Tax ID and are purchasing goods for resale, don't forget to make sure that we have your tax information on file so that you are not charged sales tax. 

Merchandise Liquidations, Wholesale Lots

Electronics, Fine Jewerly

Designer Sunglasses & More!

Whether looking for a small number of designer sunglasses or hundreds of pair, handfuls of boutique bridal gowns or enough to start an entire store, Topper Liquidators has a wholesale lot that fits your needs and budget. We tailor our lots in many cases to appeal to online retailers, swap meet vendors and ebay members.

We try to create lot sizes that are easy to sell and offer products that are in demand. Always take a look at our Clearance and Specials pages, where we list the liquidated items and wholesale lots that are either priced extremely low or have had a recent price cut.

Visit our Liquidator FAQ for answers to questions regarding the Liquidation Market.

Subscribers to our newsletters will receive coupons via email from time to time, to subscribe, create an account and make sure to check subscribe to newsletter. Customers may also receive coupon codes from us in other ways, to check the status of a coupon code, visit our coupon code page.

Interested in gift certificates? Topper Liquidators is one of the few below-wholesale priced companies that offer easy and convenient gift certificates. Want to buy that special someone a pair of designer sunglasses but don't know which one they'd prefer? Get them a gift certificate! Get one for yourself or a loved one today! 

Solutions for Businesses:

  • Help For Companies in Distress
  • Liquidate Overstock Items
  • Make Room For New Merchandise

Merchandise Supply:

  • Wholesale Merchandise For Shop Owners
  • Wide Variety of Lot Sizes
  • Internet's #1 Ebay Supplier

Retail Sales:

  • Small Retail Orders Welcome!
  • Rare "Wholesale to the Public" offers
  • Designer Merchandise at a Fraction of MSRP